5 Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

The end of the rainy or the winter season puts all of us in a happy-go-lucky mood. Especially, the seasons of spring and summer are so welcoming that all you get to see are the patios of your neighbours that are set already to enjoy their time outdoors and spending some time with their friends and families. There is nothing like sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying the cool weather and some music. Though many use their patio as a dumping yard for their old furniture and useless items that are no longer in use, there are quite many ways to transform patio into something interesting, while remaining under budget. We will give you some of the best ideas to convert your patio into a backyard haven with some simple tips and ideas where you can go to unwind, relax, and forget about the whole world.

Don’t fret if your patio is a small place because at the end of the day, all we want to achieve here is to guide you to make your patio a place that everyone loves to spend some quality time. The way you place the furniture, and opting for hanging plants rather than the potted ones or even hanging garden mirrors can make a huge difference. Be it adding flower pots, or foldable picnic table, from barbeque set to lights that glow in the dark, these ideas will surely jazz up your patio for sure.

We give you the best 5 patio decorating ideas on a budget to brighten up your patio space so you can enjoy it with your family and friends:

1. Make the best use of furniture:

Whether you have old wooden furniture or the metal ones, as long as you have furniture that is in good condition, then half of your work is done. All you have to do is to give some life to the furniture by painting them with some color that compliments the patio. It is because, furniture plays a major role in transforming your patio, and especially if you are a social person and have guests come over to your house all the time. Adding furniture is an essential step as it creates a mood to convert your boring patio into something lively and interesting. Do not get worked up when we talk about adding furniture to your patio, even a pair of chairs along with a table makes a great difference. As we all know, a small picnic bench and few metal chairs are considered to be the usual elements of patio furniture, however, if your patio is large enough to fit in more furniture, there is nothing like that as you can make variations and have a themed look for your patio. Also, you can bring out the interior decorator in you by getting creative in making the patio get a customized look by using various shades, designs, and patterns of furniture. Planning to go for a classic look? Then arrange your patio by adding a square-shaped table with a couple of compact chairs to complete the look – you can make it look even classier by the choice of color. Opt for a dark-colored table set and adorn it with bright colored cushion to get a funky look. On the other hand, if looking for a retro kind of a look for your patio, throw some ottoman seats and bean bags with a round short table in between, which acts as a perfect space for you and your friends to chill. Make your patio look just like a movie set by adding wicker furniture with a foldable table and throw some pillows around for comfort.

2. Add different lights to brighten up the space:

What more than spending some lovely evening at the patio after a long working day? Well, to make your evening lively, brighten up the patio space with some lights, which automatically brightens up the entire space, thus bringing in some life. Just a plain simple LED light will do great, but if inviting friends and relatives over, make the place look special by hanging string lights across the wall and twirling them around the plants and pillar for a more stylish look. Or, make it look more quirky by placing them behind the seating or inside a bucket. If you are looking for a more decorative look, then add a few lamps and lanterns right in between the table or on the sides for a classy look.

3. Place some fragrant fresh flowers:

Include some fresh flowers in a vase and keep it right in the middle of the table or on the sideways. If not at least bring in some artificial flowers to brighten up the patio. Placing some flowers on the patio brings an instant change to the patio – not only does it bring in some color, but it also adds a fresh fragrance, and some brightness to the place as well. If you can’t find a vase, place them in any container that you find, and bet you, there is nothing better than enjoying your time at the patio, with some colorful flowers being a part of your company.

4. Include some interesting accessories:

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your patio. Start by adding quirky accessories that bring instant brightness to space, and you don't need to add these accessories right in the middle of the patio, even placing the accessories in the corners or around the plants makes a huge difference. Bring out your old photos, frame them and hang them around the walls of the patio. Apart from this, you can use tiny waterfalls, fountains, sculptures, and other interesting things to give a modern and sophisticated look to your patio space. Give a unique look to your patio by adding accessories such as a bonsai plant, bronze statue, and even an aquarium. And as for the furniture, accessorize them with colorful rugs, pillows, and sheets that have colorful and have a bold pattern for a more funky and stylish look. With all these, it is pretty easy to convert your old boring patio into something more interesting and entertaining. However, keep in mind not to add to many stuff, as it might get a little difficult for you to clean the space and also gives a cluttered look to your patio. The idea is to keep it simple yet quirky.

5. Green plants for freshness:

There is nothing better than adorning your patio with some green friends. If there is some space in your patio, then do not hesitate to pot some green plants around, which gives some fresh air and makes the area look green and bright. And, if there is no space, just get some pots and sow some flowering plants and place them on the sideways or the stairways. This makes a great ambiance and welcomes your guests will a fresh breath of air. Also, hang some shelves on the wall and place some small pot with tiny plants for a more elegant look and adds a personality to the wall.

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Incorporating some DIY design can transform your patio into something interesting. Proper research and planning will not only help in saving some money but also the time in a great way. Bring out the old stuff that you have and give them a new look by redecorating for your patio. This not only makes your patio interesting but gives a vintage look altogether. After transforming your patio, host an outdoor party right on your deck! Or think of coming home after a long tiring day and relaxing on your patio in a comfy seat with a hot cup of coffee. It’s as perfect as you might think.