Beginner's guide to the world of mattresses

Today, the world of mattresses is a very humongous one. With the advancement in technologies and people taking more and more time into taking care of their health and researching about different sleeping patterns, a lot of different kinds of mattresses have become popular options among homeowners. The quality of your sleep can make a big difference in your health and there are numerous studies about the effects of different kind of mattresses on our quality of sleep. Sleep is one of the most important parts of health. Thus, it is also important that everyone should be aware about the different kind of mattresses and also how these can actually impact your sleep quality. Different kinds of mattresses have been developed for different kind of people. Your body posture, sleeping patterns, body structure and age, can be a factor in determining the best kind of mattress for you. Having the proper mattress can literally improve your sleep quality which can in turn give you numerous health benefits. There are literally hundreds of diseases which can be avoided if you have a good sleep quality.

Now I would like to discuss about different kinds of mattresses and also how they are different from each other and serve a specific purpose.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the most famous types of mattress materials. The most important feature of this kind of mattress is that it can adjust according to your body's posture and it is best suited for people who sleep on their side or on their stomach. It will basically not let all the pressure sink in at the centre but will distribute the weight and give you an even push. Unlike a spring mattress you won’t need to flip your mattress over again and again to maintain it. It will give all the necessary support required to your hips, shoulders and other parts of your body.

These mattresses are famous for giving you a sinking effect and they take the shape of your body and also return back to their shape after you remove the pressure.

Inner Springs

These are the kind of mattresses which are made up of a number of metal coils beneath the top of the mattress. These coils are manufactured considering the elastic properties required to give the necessary push to the body structure required while sleeping.

This mattress is also having varieties. These can vary on the number and quality of these coils. The number of coils will make a difference on how the mattress will support your body structure while sleeping. These are designed for people who sleep on their back or on their stomach.

They make sure that you do not feel the sinking effect and give you necessary support when required. The air between the coils make sure that they do not heat up quickly and remain cool which is one of the major requirements of many people. There are many spring technologies on which these mattresses are based. Properly understanding each technology and what benefit each does will give you to the best idea for the proper mattress for you.


These types of mattresses use latex as a material and are usually compared to memory foam mattresses and considered their opposites. They are made using natural materials in comparison to synthetic materials used in memory foam mattresses. They are less dense and also the heat provided by them is lesser.

They are considered eco-friendly because they are made from natural materials. The natural latex grows on trees, so this kind of mattresses are usually free from all harmful chemicals. But there are variations in latex also. All latex is not 100% natural as there are variants of synthetic latex also. You must also take care about the warranty provided with your latex mattress as good quality latex providers will give you longer duration warranties.

They have many benefits attached to them which include not heating up quickly and durability. Latex mattresses are known for durability. Latest mattresses usually last more than 10 years on average and in some cases even 20 years. They are well known for being comfortable. But an important point to consider is latex allergy as many people are allergic to latex.

Adjustable mattresses

These are considered one of the most comfortable mattresses available. Their special quality is the availability of an option to adjust their alignment. These mattresses can always be adjusted to support your back or head. These are best for people who are suffering from specific health problems for which they are required to constantly change the alignment of the bed.

Some of the mattresses are even filled with adjustable air chambers which can help you even customise the amount of firmness that you want in your mattress. Mattresses that come with such customisation options are expensive but are ideal for people who have great requirements for it. These are helpful on a daily basis as you can change the alignment while watching TV or eating food and can change them again when you plan on sleeping.

Waterbed/Air Mattress

This mattress is filled with water as a primary component. The water is covered by foam material and is best considered for people who sleep on their back. This will give the necessary support to the back and also adjust according to the body posture.

Similar to these kinds of mattresses, there are also air mattresses available which are filled with air instead of water and serve a similar purpose. These are quite handy as they can be easily transported. They are usually used for holidays as you can easily deflate them and carry them along your luggage. They can be easily filled with air and used anywhere. The material is usually rough so that it is durable enough to travel.

Gel Infused Mattresses

This kind of mattresses are made with gel as a primary component. The basic purpose that it solves is that these mattresses allow air to pass quickly and this makes sure to keep the mattress cool. The people who complain about their mattresses getting heated up really quickly find comfort and a solution to their problem in these mattresses. They allowed the body heat to transfer and do not let your body to heat up while sleeping. Also, they come back to their shape very quickly after pressure is released. This feature does not create pressure on any part of your body and always makes sure to provide the necessary support. Another benefit is that they do not burn a hole in your pocket and are usually cheaper than other alternatives.

Pillow Top Mattresses

These are one of the most comfortable mattresses available in the market. They contain an extra layer over the mattress which makes sure to give you a comfortable sleep. Top of the mattress is made from various materials combined together to give the best effect. The biggest benefit is that they are quite affordable. If we compare them to other mattresses, they are one of the most affordable ones. They are known to be pain relievers and are especially helpful for people who sleep on their sides. They do not produce any harmful chemicals which might be the case in other types of mattresses, and these are eco-friendly ones which are good for your health.

They also have their fair share of disadvantages. The first one is that they are not durable and do not last long. The wear on these mattresses happen quickly relative to other mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses

With every mattress having its own benefits, there was a requirement to make a mattress having benefits of two kinds of mattresses. This thought process gave birth to hybrid mattresses. For example, a hybrid mattress can be the combination of a spring mattress combined with the memory foam mattress. This will give out the benefits of both of these mattresses. You can easily look out for mix and match of different mattresses and these customizations can give you to all the desired effects that you require.

Organic Mattresses

These mattresses are ideal for people who are concerned about the environment and want to buy something which is eco-friendly. These mattresses are made with materials which are organic, and no chemicals have been used in their production or while growing the materials. These could be made from natural latex, wool, cotton, etc.

In the end to conclude, there are numerous options available while choosing a mattress for yourself. This article must have made you aware about the different kind of mattresses available in the market. There is a perfect mattress made for everyone and the mattress you buy should totally depend on your requirement and you must also take due care on selecting the best one. It is very important to be aware on the kind of things that you buy especially when your own health is at stake. This article has given you a framework and basic knowledge required to start researching for the best kind of mattress for you. You must take care that you carefully examine the materials of the mattress and make sure that you buy from a company that is known for its quality from several years.